Siemens Trio 3.0 T, CT and MRI Equipment for sale
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CT-MRI Equipment
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WE currently have the following equipment in our inventory.
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In stock water chillers for Ct and MRI systems, 4 ton, 5 ton, 15 ton please inquire for more information

Siemens Magnetom Symphony Phillips-mobile

Siemens MRI , Symphony 

Mystro Class 30 mt/meter

Currently, this system is in clinical operation. 1.5 Tesla super conductive short bore magnet, 8 channel RF system. 30 mt/meter gradients system and loaded with options. Have phased array coils: Body, Head, Neck, whole spine Knee, shoulder large and small. Ready for delivery.

Syngo software, available Dec 2012, full installation available.


MRI Mobile Phillips
Eclipse short bore 1.5 Tesla with 30 mt/m gradients, in excellent condition, In stock available for immediate delivery. Inspections are welcomed at our facility in Anaheim California.

Siemens CT 16 Slice Mobile

Equipped with Syngo, Wizard work station, Cardio Pack,  Care scans, Dicom, Worklist, 3d, many more. Lcd Monitors.
Hydraulic patient lift, wide side pop-outs,

self contained just apply shore power and scan.

Currently under lease for 3 months

Siemens Mobile MRI, Symphony 1.5 Tesla

 Quantum Gradients

  • Move at field

  • Phase array

  • 30 mt/m gradients

  • LCD Monitors

  • Diffusion

  • much more .. and

  • Available now as OCT 2016


  • Currently under full use

 Cardiac  CT System

16  slice CT SCANNER Mobile  ready for immediate delivery

Rent, Buy, Lease option to buy

Long term, short term, in stock


A whole body CT scanner with aditional Cardiac options, Cardio pro, cardio speed, Bone subtraction, care dose, care bolus, work station. worklist, HIS/RIS, 3d and more.


In stock ready for immediate delivery



 16  slice CT SCANNER 


Gantry/ Patient Couch, Desirable Durra 532 Akron X-Ray Tube, Current Tube Count 54,000 scan seconds ( none-Stratton ).

60kw Generator.

Software options -Bolus Trac, Calcium Scoring, CAT 3D, Cardio Speed 04,

Cardio Pro, Cardio Retro, Cardio Turbo Recon, Care Dose, Worklist

In clinical use available October 2012



Siemens Sensation 4 Ct system

In clinical use, available in 30 days



Lease available / full turn key available for all our systems



If you do not see it, does not mean we do not have it, please inquire

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