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MRI Service Contracts

CME offers several contractual service options, most of which can be tailored to your institutions needs and operating hours, thus, providing you with service when you need it the most, and saving you a great deal of stand by expenses.

Please inquire about our special and unique service agreement with minimum monthly payments and anual cap on cost.

Time and Material Services

CME fees for billed services on any equipment are:

  • $275.00/hr (OT/DT will apply)

  • 3 hour, minimum including Travel will apply

  • COD / pre-payment may apply

  • Certain discounts and flat rate charges per various work may apply. Such as, inspections, install and de-install, as well as discounts for clients that utilize CME exclusively for service and / or consultation.

Support Service

Now covering USA and Mexico

We offer support agreements that include telephone, preventive maintenance and discounted rates on other services.

please contact us for details.


CME offers telephone support to in house and independent service organization's engineers on Siemens MRI and CT equipment 24/7. CME fees for this

service are $180/hr, billed on a minimum basis of 1/2  hour per call, and per 1/4 hour increments there after.


Equipment upgrades

Several upgrades are available from CME. For Siemens MRI equipment we offer functional and quality upgrades, and for all equipment we offer a change over to LCD flat panel monitors, Dicom, and much more. Inquire with CME sales for further details.


Repairs (New service, as of 2007)


CME, as of Jan. 2007, stocks and repairs the  "Siemens"  parts for:

CT:   Sensation series and Emotion, systems and parts in stock, new and used CT tubes.

MRI: Vision, Impact, Harmony and Symphony, Avanto, Espree and others


We also repair most MRI coils.

Our repairs will carry a 30 days warranty. the charge for repairs are: $1,000 minimum, plus components. A free estimate will be provided. There is no charge for the initial inspection and estimate, and no charge if we did not repair the part. However, shipping charges to and from CME will apply.


CT Service Contracts:

Inquire with CME.

Coil Repair

CME is staffed and equipped to perform quality service and repairs on most RF coils from various OEM's. CME charges for this service are:

  • $400.00 inspection and shipping fee, plus
  • Actual amount quoted to customer after inspection