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We currently stock a vast veriety of MRI and CT parts that are sold as exchange or outright.

Our new linked dedicated parts site is searchable by number, modality, manufacturer and descrition. If not listed does not mean we do not have it.

Siemens MRI Equipment Parts

MRI: CME carries almost a 100% parts inventory for Siemens MRI equipment, a sample of our stock is available in our inventory page.

Other Parts

Other: We carry a vast assortment of parts for Siemens, GE, Picker, and few more. We stock over 14,000 replacement parts and components at our facility, with 24/7 shipping service world-wide. We can also efficiently, outsource any part that is not in our inventory. Contact us for details on any part or component you may need.

Additionally, all our parts carry a 30 days warranty, and 30 minutes tech support at no extra charge.

Refer to FAQ regarding information about our parts department.