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The CME solution is simple!

Get the equipment and service you need, and get nothing that will not help your venture, and save money.

We tailer each and every project to fit your exact needs a true turn-key from planning to scaning.

Why pre-owned equipment?

A refurbished system from Calscan means quality for less

Physics, application, and quality have been unchanged to very moderatly changed for many years, so a preowned system only means "savings"

Today's swaying economical conditions and health-care reform mandate a disciplined investment ventures, with minimum risk involvement and a higher margin returns on the investment with no compromize to providing quality care. Thus, getting a refurbished system from Calscan, will get your imaging institution all the necessary components required for your venture, yet at a fraction of you would have to invest for brand new systems.

Why Calscan? In addition to great prices, all the equipment we sell is refurbished to factory specs, and is offered with the following services:

  • Site Planning
  • Buildout
  • Shielding RF for MRI or Lead for CT
  • Transport and Delivery
  • Complete installation
  • Technical training
  • Warranty
  • Extended service (optional)
  • Lets us custume build you next mobile CT or MRI